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Identified Key Risk positions

          The following Identified Staff hold the key positions in Aresbank´s risk profile:

-    Board of Directors                (7 Directors)

-    General Management           (General Manager and Deputy General Manager)

-    Manager of Commercial Division

-    Manager of Treasury and Capital Markets Department

-    Manager of Legal and Compliance Department

-    Manager of Internal Audit Department

-   Manager of Risk Department

-   Manager of Accounting Department

-  Manager of IT Department

-  Manager of Administration and Human Resources Department

The Salary Policy establishes the measures for adjusting the remuneration.  It is subjected to an annual performance appraisal, where  employees are assessed on the performance of their activities –which are duly established for each financial year–   as well as on the annual personal targets established for each employee.

Aresbank’s Salary Policy does not apply remuneration criteria that takes into  account the  present and future risks because its principal activity developed is connected with foreign trade.

The body responsible of monitoring the remuneration is a committee belonging to the Board of Directors “The Nominations and Remuneration Committee”. The remuneration of the members of this committee is presented  in the  BOARD OF DIRECTORS REMUNERATION  section.

Aresbank´s  main activities, namely foreign trade, are in one category: “commercial banking”. As such no breakdown of  the remuneration per categories is provided.

Aresbank’s Shareholder meeting has not approved any variable compensation exceeding 100% of the fixed remuneration.