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The purpose of the Bank’s organizational structure is to guarantee an adequate level of control that assures a suitable segregation of functions.

The Bank’s highest hierarchical authority is the Board of Directors. The Bank’s General Management consists of the General Manager and the Deputy General Manager. The General Management reports directly to the Board of Directors.

The Secretary of the Board of Directors is assigned the special task of coordinating the Board’s activities with the General Management and to help the Board of Directors in its responsibilities in the interest of the Bank and its shareholders.

The Bank is organized functionally into the following departments and divisions. They hierarchically report as follows:

To the General Management:

1. Commercial Department

2. Operations Department

3. Legal Department

4. Compliance Department

5. Risk Department

6. Internal Audit Department

7. Accounting Department

8. Treasury and Capital Markets Department 

9. Administration & Human Resources Department

10. Organization & Methods Department

11. Systems Department

12. Data Protection Officer

 To the Operations Department

13. Trade Finance 

14. Treasury Control Unit

 To the Commercial Department

15. International Financial Institutions 

16. Commercial Relations Department

17. Commercial Delegations

18. Local Branches

19. Foreign Countries Representative Offices and Consultants   

 In support of the departmental specialization, where the lines of responsibilities are well defined, the bank has established inter-departmental committees to guide, contribute to, or share the decision making responsibility when conducting its business and manage its risks.  The committees involved in the continued control, monitoring and evaluation of the Bank’s risks are, fundamentally, the following:

-     The Administration Committee.

-     The Credit Committee.

-     The Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO)

-     The Internal Control Body on AML (OCI) - Special Committee

The Bank has a responsibility towards handling customer complaints with care. The Customer Services Unit, composed of a staff member in a non-business function department, is assigned the role of the Customers Ombudsman to avoid any conflict of interest.

As part of the control function in the Bank, the Internal Audit Department reports functionally to the Board’s Audit Committee and the Risk Department and the Legal and Compliance Department report functionally to the Board’s Risk and Compliance Committee. Local Branches report functionally to the Operations Division regarding the operating activities of the business carried out by the branches

The bank is observing the mandates of the laws and regulations with regard to information security, privacy, and personal data protection with the application of organizational and technical measures. The Bank has also appointed a Data Protection Officer in compliance with GDPR, Regulation (EU) 2016/679.




The employees must avoid conflict situations between their personal interests and those of the Bank’s or its clients. For these purposes, they shall inform their direct supervisors of any business or shareholders relationships that may potentially be compromising or conflictive in this respect

The employees shall not become involved in any transactions, businesses or contracts on behalf of the Bank with clients, individuals, or companies in which the employees or their close relatives may have a direct or indirect interest or which may be in direct competition with the Bank, without the written authorization of the Manager of their Unit or the General Management and the Manager of Human Resources.

The employees shall not be entitled to provide professional services, in return or not for remuneration, to other institutions competing with the Bank, regardless of the type of relationship between them, except by expressed authorization of the General Management and the Manager of Human Resources

The employees performing other professional activities as consultants, accountants, solicitors, advisers, or administrators for others rather than the Bank must inform the Manager of Human Resources of this circumstance in writing as soon as it may arise, and in the event of a conflict arising, priority must be given to the exercise of their functions at the Bank

In the event of a conflict of interests between a Unit and its clients, or between current and prospective clients of the Bank, it would be convenient to seek the advice of the Manager of the Unit, General Management or the Manager of Human Resources in order to ensure that fairness and impartiality are maintained.

In the event of the Unit Managers, General Management, or the Human Resources Manager requiring advice in respect to this matter, they must seek the advice of their corresponding supervisor in hierarchical order.