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Aresbank Board of Directors

Aresbank Board of Directors has a membership comprised of knowledgeable foreign trade and banking professionals from Spain and the countries of the Bank's partnership. The shareholders’ representatives and the independent members of the Board of directors and its committees play an active role in deciding Aresbank business strategies and activities, and prudently manage risks. All members of the Board of Directors and the General Management of the entity have been appointed ensuring a favorable opinion by Aresbank’s Nominations and Remunerations Committee.

The current Board of Directors membership consists of:


Board of Directors

  • Mr. Ahmed A. Omar Ragib  (Chairman, Non-executive)
  • Mr. Fekri A. Sinan  (Vice Chairman, Non-executive)
  • Mr. Mohamed A. Alrahebi  (Director, Non-executive)
  • Mr. Mustafa Elmanea  (Director, Non-executive)
  • Mr. Mohamed Dahmani  (Director, Non-executive)
  • Mr. Ahmed Elabbar (Director, Non-executive)
  • Mr. Javier Iglesias de Ussel y Ordis  (Director, Independent)
  • Mr. Miguel Cuerdo  (Director, Independent-Resignation from 11.11.2022)
Secretary of the Board
  • Mr. Gabriel Gracia (non-member)
 Audit Committee

  • Mr. Miguel Cuerdo (Resignation from 11.11.2022) (Chairman)
  • Mr. Javier Iglesias de Ussel y Ordis 
  • Mr. Mohamed A. Alrahebi 
Secretary of the Committee
  • Mr. Gabriel Gracia (non-member)
Risk and Compliance Committee
  • Mr. Javier Iglesias de Ussel y Ordis  (Chairman)
  • Mr. Miguel Cuerdo (Resignation from 11.11.2022)
  • Mr. Ahmed Elabbar
  • Mr. Ahmed A. Omar Ragib 
Secretary of the Committee
  • Mr. Gabriel Gracia (non-member)
Nominations and Remunerations Committee
  • Mr. Miguel Cuerdo (Chairman-Resignation from 11.11.2022)   
  • Mr. Ahmed A. Omar Ragib
  • Mr. Fekri A. Sinan
  • Mr. Mustafa Elmanea  
Secretary of the Committee
  • Mr. Gabriel Gracia (non-member)